Dogs benefit from Bowen too ....

I also run a local Pet Care Service called 'Paws To Doors'. Because of my love of Dogs

I decided to train as a Canine Bowen Therapist with the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists so that they too could benefit from this wonderful, effective holistic therapy.


Canine Bowen Therapy is a gentle, holistic, hands-on remedial treatment which works on the body's parasympathetic nervous system, over joints, ligaments, soft tissue and tendons. It involves myofascial release which aids to holistically initiate the body's own natural healing ability. 

 The gentle yet powerful moves are interspersed with short breaks to allow the dog's body to assimilate the work and start the process of healing and rebalancing.


There is no cracking of joints, hard manipulation and no massaging.

Canine Bowen Therapy addresses both function and structure at a profound level, positively influencing major organs, nervous and muscular structures, reproductive, urinary and endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems. It's also beneficial on an emotional level for stressed and traumatised Dogs.


It is based on the principles of 'The Bowen Technique', a sucessful Human therapy which originates from Australian Tom Bowen who devolped the technique in the 1960's, it was later introduced to the UK in 1993.


What can it treat?


Canine Bowen Therapy is an holistic therapy that treats the dog as a whole, rather than just addressing diagnosed conditions. An holistic approach aims to promote the self healing powers of the dogs body and as a result may be useful for a wide range of problems and conditions, both physical and behavioural.  


  Common conditions often presented at Canine Bowen therapy sessions include.


  • Allergies and Skin conditions.
  • Arthritis and Muscular Sprains & Strains.
  • Back Problems.
  • Lameness and other Gait problems.
  • Hip and Elbow dysplacia.


Canine Bowen Therapy may also help :


  • Working or Competition Dogs.
  • Dogs that pull on the lead.
  • Aggression and other Behavioural problems.
  • Stress & Anxiety disorders.
  • Cystitis & Urinary disorders.
  • Recurrent Ear problems.
  • Sciatica.
  • Acute injury.




  • Rescue/re-homed dogs - relaxation of tension caused by earlier stress and trauma.


  • Pre– and post-operative surgery - assisting recovery times.


  • Fear-based anxiety - such as fireworks and thunderstorms.




Canine Bowen Therapy may also be beneficial to dogs who have chronic conditions and degenerative disease - helping to improve the dog’s quality of life.





However, we do not claim to 'cure' conditions, our aim is to facilitate healing & rebalancing.


What to ept..

During your Dog's first Canine Bowen Therapy session I will take a full case history of their past and present health problems, including any accidents and injuries, and discuss any concerns you have. A typical session will last up to about an hour, this is to allow the dog to relax, although the actual treatment time is around 20-30 mins.


The therapy always takes place on the floor. I work 'with' your Dog, the therapy is never forced on them, they are free to walk away if they so wish – forcing the therapy upon the dog will only serve to make them less receptive and will be counter-productive to the outcome. It is important to recognise and respect when the dog indicates it has received what they need.


It is possible that your Dog may not accept much therapy during their first treatment, as they may need time to trust and accept, this is fine, it is all a step in the right direction and you will likely find once the trust barrrier has been lowered they will want Canine Bowen Therapy, and will actually help guide me to the places they'd like me to work on.


Often, only one to three treatments at weekly intervals may be all that's required to achieve a notable change.


Periodic top ups are beneficial to those dogs who are elderly, or have chronic conditions, or dogs used for working or competition.



Aftercare Advice .....


Afterwards,you will be given 'Aftercare' advice on how to get the most benefit from Canine Bowen Therapy, particulary with regard to exercise and handling. Carrying out this advice is an important part of the treatment and can have a enormous affect on the outcome.




What does Canine Bowen Therapy entail?

A session consists of small moves performed over key points of the body. You will see a rolling action of the my fingers over soft tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia. It is a gentle process, yet incredibly effective. Short breaks will be given throughout the session. The dog will also decide when to put a break in, allowing them time to process the changes within their body before returning for more, or letting me know that they've had enough.

Do I stay with my dog?

Always. This provides comfort for your dog and also allows you to be a part of the process.

Do I need to fill in any forms?

Yes, first you will need to print off a Vet referal form at the bottom of this page and ask your vet to sign & stamp it. The stamp is very important as this proves what practice refered the Dog.
Then there is a Canine Consultation form that we will go through together which will include your Dog's current & past health conditions, their lifestyle, diet, amount of excercise, likes & dislikes etc. It is indepth, but this helps me build a picture of your Dog which will enable me to tailor their sessions accordingly.

Will my dog be on a table? Do they have their joints manipulated?

No.... Each Canine Bowen Therapy session is completed on the floor. We don't manipulate the Dog's body, or asks the dog to stand/sit/lay if they are not comfortable doing so.

How many sessions will it take?

Canine Bowen Therapy works best with 3 sessions approx 1 week apart. This gives the body time to form a 'new pattern' especially if the symptoms have been in situ for some period of time. 
I will assess your dog at each visit, discuss your observations and create a next step plan. You are also given aftercare advice to help your Dog get the most out their treatment. It is very important that this is adhered to as the aftercare advice is just as important as the actual treatment.
The aim of Canine Bowen Therapy is to help bring your dog back to a healthy state of mobility, vitality and health, and possibly create a maintenance plan to help keep your Dog in peak condition

Will Canine Bowen Therapy diagnose my dogs mobility or any health conditions?

No. Medical diagnoses are always given by your Dog's vet. We work with your dogs veterinarian care to create a full circle health regime, feedback is sent to your vet so that this can be noted on their health file and keep up to date with their progress.

Canine Bowen Therapy Fees


£30 per treatment


(clients within 5 miles radius of Hexham - mileage charge applicable for those outside this radius, please see below.


I do also offer Clinic days at Training/Activity Centres for reduced rates providing there is a minimum of 6 Dogs in attendance.




Addition travel costs for those not within a 5 mile radius of central Hexham:



1-5 miles outside of Hexham:      £5 on top of treatment

6-10 miles outside of Hexham:    £10 on top of treatment
11-15 miles outside of Hexham:    £15 on top of treatment
16-20 miles outside of Hexham:   £20 on top of treatment


Canine Bowen Technique is not a substitute for proper veterinary care, and should be used in conjunction with orthodox veterinary treatment. It is only available on veterinary referral. Please click the link below to download your referal form to be stamped & signed by your Vet.


Please download your Vet Referal Form here:
Canine Bowen Therapy Vet Referal Form.pd[...]
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